RTAventures VC is an early stage venture capital firm investing in online and healthcare undertakings across Europe.
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RTAventures VC did 26 new investments in last 6 years, plus c. two dozens of follow-ons.
We have 7 investments in Germany, 5 in the U.S., 7 in Poland, 1 in Spain, 2 in Slovenia, 1 in Austria, 1 in Ukraine and 2 in France.
We are based in Warsaw and Berlin.  ... and we love Typeform in case you didn't notice ;-)

We are committed to supporting the entrepreneurs wholeheartedly alongside other investors, in particular, Point Nine Capital from Berlin.

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Companies which we have backed as RTAventures VC:

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Docplanner is a platform connecting healthcare professionals with millions of patients on a monthly basis. Finding and booking the appointment with a doctor has never been that easy.

Docplanner is a market leading platform in Poland (www.znanylekarz.pl), Turkey (www.eniyihekim.com), Czech Republic (www.znamylekar.cz), Hungary (www.ismertorvos.hu) and is present in 20 other countries.

Apply for a job at Docplanner here: www.docplanner.com/career .

Docplanner is managed by Mariusz Gralewski: www.twitter.com/mariakeczczi .
Point Nine Capital is Berlin-based venture capital firm investing primarily in early stage SaaS and platforms.
So far, more than 70 investments.

Visit www.pointninecap.com for more information.

See Point Nine portfolio here: www.pointninecap.com/portfolio

Point Nine is managed by Pawel Chudzinski: www.twitter.com/pawell and Christoph Janz: www.twitter.com/chrija.
Typeform is Barcelona-based SaaS reinventing forms across web and any mobile device. #AskAwesomely

Yes, you are right. This website is basically a typeform! :)

Typeform is hiring all the time! Apply here: https://jobs.typeform.com/to/e7nngu .

Typeform is managed by David Okuniev: www.twitter.com/okuiux and Robert Muñoz: www.twitter.com/robert22munoz.
Explain Everything is interactive screencasting whiteboard app used by over 2 million educators and students worldwide. 
You can create, animate and record illuminating explains & share them.

Visit http://explaineverything.com to download the app.

Apply to work at Explain Everything here: http://explaineverything.com/jobs/ .

Explain Everything is managed by Bartosz Gonczarek: https://twitter.com/gonczarek .
Infakt is a leading SaaS in Poland. 
Infakt offers cloud-based invoicing & accounting solutions accessible by web browers & native mobile apps.

To learn more about Infakt see: https://www.infakt.pl (in Polish).

Infakt is hiring all the time: https://www.infakt.pl/praca

Infakt is managed by Wiktor Sarota: https://twitter.com/wiktorsarota and Sebastian Bobrowski: https://twitter.com/sbobrowski .
Voxel is a leading network of diagnostic imaging laboratories in Poland. It offers CT, MRI, PET-CT, SPECT scans.

See http://voxel.pl/en for more information.

Chartmogul is advanced subscription analytics with one-click.
So it is basically great SaaS for monitoring key parameters of every SaaS.

Master your MRR, churn, LTV and cohort analysis without any effort. 

Chartmogul is based in Berlin and is managed by Nick Franklin: www.twitter.com/Nick_Franklin .
Doctrina connects pharmacists with pharma companies and operates in Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Poland. 

Doctrina has offices in Ljubljana and Warsaw and is managed by Jure Pučko: www.twitter.com/JurePucko and Tomaž Erjavec: www.twitter.com/tomazerjavec .
SuperPopcorn is mobile platform allowing to users to book and buy cinema tickets in Germany: www.superpopcorn.com and in Bulgaria: www.cinexio.com .

SuperPopcorn was founded by Croatian team led by Damir Bandalo: www.twitter.com/damirbandalo .

SuperPopcorn was acquired by strategic investor in September 2016.
Apptopia is SaaS offering market intelligence for mobile apps: www.apptopia.com .

Check out Apptopia for app store downloads, revenue, and SDK data for every mobile app & every publisher in the world.

Apptopia is based in Boston and was founded by Eliran Sapir: www.twitter.com/eliransapir and Jonathan Kay: www.twitter.com/JonathanCKay .
GoOpti is a shuttle ride sharing platform connecting local airports with travellers in southern Europe.

GoOpti is operational in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Hungary. More: www.goopti.com

GoOpti is run by Marko Guček: www.twitter.com/MarkoGucek
StarOfService is a platform allowing you to find local professionals to solve your current problem.

StarOfService is currently available in France. Check out http://www.starofservice.com for more. 

StarOfService is run by Lucas Lambertini: https://twitter.com/LucasLambertini .
Preply is a platform allowing students to find tutors across many geographies. Your next native tutor is just a few clicks away.

Check out https://preply.com for more. 

Preply is based in Kiev and is run by Kirill Bigai: https://twitter.com/kirillbigai .
Infermedica offers artificial intelligence for healthcare companies as a service. Automated prescreening of patients or preliminary diagnosis are now available through API.

Check out www.infermedica.com for more or try API if you are developer here: https://developer.infermedica.com .

Infermedica is based in Wroclaw and San Francisco and is run by founder: Piotr Orzechowski:  https://twitter.com/_orzech
Lexigram allows you to algorithmically understand your medical data. The Data Extraction API allows you to structure medical notes using natural language processing.

Check out www.lexigram.io for more or try API if you are developer here: https://app.lexigram.io .

Lexigram is based in Redwood City, CA and is run by founders: Paul Alexander:  https://twitter.com/palexander and Manuel Salvadores: https://twitter.com/msalvadores .
Booksy is mobile SaaS for beauty industry.
Choose your country here: https://booksy.net .

Booksy team is led by Stefan Batory: https://twitter.com/sbatory .
The online platform allowing you to book sports venues. Tennis courts, football fields, squash courts and many more.
Eversport operates in Austria and Germany.

Eversport is based in Vienna and is managed by Hanno Lippitsch: www.twitter.com/HannoLippitsch .
Thalamed is a marketplace for medical devices connecting healthcare professionals with suppliers of medical equipment.  

Thalamed is based in Berlin and is managed by Sebastian Winkler.
Orchestra One provides an innovative medical practice management software (SaaS).  
More: http://orchestra.one

Orchestra One is based in San Francisco and is managed by Farbood Nivi: https://twitter.com/farbood .
Unamo provides a suite of tools for marketers: from SEO and social media monitoring to conversion web analytics.   
More: https://unamo.com

Unamo is based in Warsaw and London and is managed by Grzegorz Kazulak: https://twitter.com/grzegorzkazulak .
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